Bridge Design Support and Training

Every new ADAPT software license is fully supported by our renowned Gold Support and Software Maintenance program for one year1,2. Under this service program, each client receives unlimited telephone and e-mail support, plus free program updates and upgrades. For those clients (a) seeking access to our extensive concrete design knowledge, (b) interested in attending our online practical training sessions, or (c) requiring priority handling of their requests, we offer an upgrade to our Platinum Support program.

After the first year of support, clients can enroll in either of these annual support programs to continue receiving outstanding support and new product releases.

Clients with expired Support programs must pay for product support at the rate of $50 per incidence and have the option of upgrading to future releases of ADAPT software at the then current upgrade price list. A reinstatement fee applies to lapsed Support contracts.

Description of Support & Maintenance Services Gold Platinum
Operational Software Support    
Response Time 24 hours 4 hours3
E-Mail Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Unlimited Unlimited
Fax Unlimited Unlimited
Specialized Project Support4 No Yes5
Software Training    
Access to online resources Yes Yes
Online training sessions6 2 Sessions Unlimited
Software Maintenance    
Software Updates Free7 Free7
Software Upgrades8 Free7 Free7
  1. Valid for licenses purchased at list price only.
  2. Support program only valid for one office location. Multi-office support programs available.
  3. Same day response provided for inquiries received before 1PM PST (Pacific Standard Time).
  4. Specialized Project Support covers project modeling, selection of design system, interpretation of results, and more.
  5. Specialized Project Support limited to total of 3 hours per annual support contract. Additional hours available at reduced rate of $100/hr.
  6. Online training sessions held weekly by ADAPT support staff and open to more than one client at a time.
  7. Access to downloadable versions included. Shipping and handling charges for CD and/or hard copy of manuals applies.
  8. Must have current version and be on active maintenance program for each license owned to receive free upgrades.
Additional Support and Implementation Services

ADAPT-Fast Track - is a program specifically designed to ensure our clients meet their tight project delivery timelines. The Fast Track program is typically structured around a specific design project and includes intensive ADAPT software training, expert engineering support, and a peer review of the completed project.

ADAPT-PT Training - is a specialized training program for companies looking to gain design expertise in post-tensioning. These programs are ideally suited for companies new to PT design as well as those wanting to advance their staff’s design skill levels. Training sessions are customized to your needs and can cover design theory, practical design examples, construction practice, and use of ADAPT software.

Contact ADAPT Support Team

ADAPT's Client Support Services Team is here to provide you with competent and prompt software and specialty engineering support. All calls or emails are assigned to the next available Client Services Representative. Clients with Platinum support programs receive priority handling.
See Technical Support Programs section above for a description of services you qualify for.

ADAPT offers customized software training for all of its building design software products.

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 Global Support Contacts

If you are under a current support program, use the contact information below to receive immediate support.

Global e-mail support

Americas and Europe
Phone: +1 (650) 306-2410
Fax: +1 (650) 306-2401

Rest of World
Phone: +91 (33) 302 86585
Fax: +91 (33) 302 86581