Product Overview
ADAPT-PULT is the industry-leading product used for strength design and analysis of pre- or post-tensioned sections.

With exceptional ease, speed and accuracy:
  • Determines the capacity of a given section or designs reinforcement for an applied moment
  • Grouted (bonded) or unbonded tendons
  • Low-relaxation strands, stress-relieved strands, or prestressing rods
  • Comprehensive manual with examples and verification
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  • ACI
  • UBC
  • British BS8110
  • Canadian CAN A23.3
  • IBC (International Building Code)
  • French BPEL
  • User defined or other National Codes
The program supports the following units:
  • SI
  • MKS
  • American Customary
Hardware Requirements
  • PC compatible computer
  • Windows operating system
  • Minimum of 128 MB RAM
  • 10 GB hard drive
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Product Details
PULT is a computer program for strength analysis or design of prestressed concrete sections. In its analysis mode, for a known geometry and reinforcement (including both prestressed and non-prestressed reinforcement) PULT computes the moment capacity of the section. In its design mode, for a given geometry and prestressing, PULT determines the nonprestressed reinforcement needed to supplement the prestressing to meet the demand of design moment.

PULT can handle rectangular or T sections with tension and / or compression reinforcement and reinforced with a single tendon. The prestressing can be bonded or unbonded.

The software has a comprehensive manual, which explains its theoretical background and offers numerous examples. The software handles one layer of tension bars, one layer of compression bars, and combines the prestressing into one resultant tendon. The software is indispensable for spot checking and verifications of existing designs of prestressed/post-tensioned members, as well as design of new sections.


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