ADAPT-Modeler Spec Sheet

Product Overview
Using a fully graphical environment, ADAPT-Modeler allows you to generate a 3D structural model of an entire concrete floor system, including support conditions and loading, quickly and easily. The model can then be analyzed and designed using ADAPT-RC, for conventionally reinforced floors, ADAPT-PT for post-tensioned floors, or ADAPT-Floor Pro for Finite Element analysis and design of floor systems and beams.

For Graphical Creation of Structural Models Using Component Technology.
  • Create a three-dimensional structural model of the entire floor system from
    • DWG/DXF files, or
    • By using Component Technology of the program to assemble the structure
  • Models slabs, steps above and below the slab, beams, openings, drop caps, drop panels
  • Place column and wall supports anywhere
  • Apply loads of any configuration, anywhere on the slab with a mouse click
  • Use the Modeler wizard to create structures of common configuration
  • Use the load path wizard to automatically select load paths
  • Automatically generate input data for the design of the floor system as either:
    • Conventionally reinforced, linking with ADAPT-RC, or
    • Post-tensioned, linking with ADAPT-PT.
The program comes in ACI, IBC (International Building Code) and a number of other building codes.

The program supports the following units:
  • SI
  • MKS
  • American Customary
Hardware Requirements
  • 64 bit PC running windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Minimum of 4 GB RAM
  • Available hard drive space of 1 GB
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Product Details
ADAPT-Modeler is an entirely graphical program that acts as a module of ADAPT-Builder. ADAPT-Modeler is designed to generate a structural model of a complete floor system using Component Technology. Once the model is created, ADAPT-Modeler will generate all the ADAPT input files for ADAPT-RC or ADAPT-PT. ADAPT-RC and/or ADAPT-PT will then perform the analysis and design steps of the operation.

ADAPT-Modeler allows the user to "draw" a 3D model of the floor system, and specify all material properties, loads and other design parameters as the model is created. Alternatively, user can import an existing dwg or dxf drawing file of the floor system for structural modeling. After the geometry is input and viewed in a three dimensional rendering for accuracy check, with minimum additional user interface the program automatically divides the structure into design strips, idealizes the strips and exports the data directly to ADAPT-PT or ADAPT-RC. Each design strip may then be run in ADAPT-PT or ADAPT-RC directly from the ADAPT-Modeler window, or each set of input data may be saved and run later in ADAPT-PT or ADAPT-RC.

The program comes with an easy to follow step-by-step example, tutorial and other helpful aids to guide you through the modeling process. ADAPT-Modeler helps to reduce errors in input data and saves valuable engineering time in noncreative and repetitive data generation and verification. It enables the structural designer to concentrate on the design efforts where time is best spent!


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