ADAPT offers convenient training at its San Francisco, CA; Kolkata, India; New York, NY; Miami, FL; or at its client's offices.

Training at ADAPT Headquarters

The duration and cost of training for individuals at ADAPT headquarters:

Duration Cost Per Individual
One day $1,500
Two days $2,750
Three days $3,750

Group discounts available.

The fees above include the cost of handout material, but do not include food, lodging and transportation of the participants.

Training at Client's Site - within continental US

The duration and cost of training for groups at client's site:

Duration Cost Per Group
One day $4,500
Two days $6,000
Three days $7,500

In addition to the above base training fees, the client is required to cover the following:
  • Travel and lodging expenses.
  • Cost of shipment of handouts to the location of training, unless these are duplicated by the client at the location of the seminar.
  • Cost of handouts if more than 2 sets required.
All Training and Professional Development Fees valid from January 1, 2009 and subject to change without notice.