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September 2005

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ADAPT's newest software release, ADAPT-Builder 2.0 includes innovative technology to dramatically improve speed, capabilities, and quality of post-tensioned designs. Click for details...

  • November 8, 2005 - Product Launch Seminar in Dubai, UAE
  • November 9, 2005 - Training Workshop in Dubai, UAE
  • Click for details...
Save substantial time and reduce errors by importing your ETABS and STAAD.PRO models, including gravity and lateral loading, seamlessly into ADAPT-Floor Pro and ADAPT-MAT. Once there, automatically mesh your slab, layout your post-tensioning tendons (if applicable), analyze, determine your support lines, and design the entire slab without ever leaving your model.

Many notable US design firms are now switching to ADAPT-Floor Pro for their Reinforced Concrete slab design as they discover and recognize ADAPT-Floor Pro RC's untapped potential. Driving this change are ADAPT-Floor Pro's superior concrete modeling and design capabilities, 3D frame integration, and its advanced rebar design module. In comparison to other software programs, ADAPT-Floor Pro provides greater flexibility to model any RC floor systems while at the same time producing 'submittal ready' structural drawings.

2005 has been a very successful seminar and software sales year for ADAPT in the Middle East. ADAPT's strategy has always included a strong design training component focused on regional design requirements. To that end, we held two well attended seminars on the design of post-tensioning and have scheduled additional product and training seminars in November.
  • June 2005 - Seminar and Workshop in Dubai, UAE
    Attended by more than 85 delegates from 6 countries, this 2-day seminar gave design engineers a solid background in the design of post-tensioning for buildings.

  • September 2005 - Seminar and Workshop in Amman, Jordan
    In response to a burgeoning post-tensioning market in Jordan, the Jordanian Engineering Association invited ADAPT and Freyssinet Middle East to conduct a one-day seminar on the application and design of post-tensioning. Over 135 engineers attended this over subscribed seminar to learn about the benefits of P/T and the use of ADAPT concrete design software. The seminar was followed by a hands-on software and design training session at the Association's training center in Amman.

    ADAPT Seminar in Amman, Jordan

Building on 15 years of involvement in the development of post-tensioning and advanced concrete design in the Middle East, ADAPT's client base is rapidly growing to cover all countries in the region. Our client base is active in the design and construction of concrete buildings and bridges in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Gaza, Oman, Iraq and Syria.

Leading companies in the Middle East rely on ADAPT's state-of-the-art concrete design software, exceptional technical support, and in-depth knowledge of concrete design to help them succeed in their projects. Dr. Bijan Aalami, ADAPT's Founder and CEO, lifetime member of ASCE and the Post-Tensioning Institute, has taken a personal interest in the promotion of post-tensioning in the region. To this end, he has collaborated with influential local consulting firms, post-tensioning suppliers, government agencies, and held annual seminars on the design and construction of post-tensioning.

Please contact us if you or your company is interested in ADAPT products and services.

New Innovations in ADAPT-Builder 2.0

ADAPT Corporation, the world leader in post-tensioning software and design training, introduces new innovations in its upcoming ADAPT-Builder 2.0 release. This latest ADAPT design software sets new standards for design quality, productivity, and integrated drafting capabilities.

2.0 builds on the proven track record of the ADAPT-Builder suite of programs, ADAPT-Floor Pro, MAT and SOG, used by top engineering firms in over 75 countries. Core features and capabilities of ADAPT-Builder Platform, first released in 2001, include:
  • True 3D modeling and FEM analysis of entire floor systems
  • Component (object) based modeling and analysis
  • One simple and intuitive screen for modeling, analysis and design
  • Ability to model complete floor and foundation systems with or without beams, steps, drop caps, and drop panels
  • Automated adaptive mesh using only quadrilateral shell elements
  • Automated generation of design strips and sections for entire floor systems
  • Automated live load reduction and pattern loading
  • Dynamic Tendon Modeling (DTM)TM
  • The most accurate modeling of tendon losses
  • Automatic code checks and design of mild reinforcement
  • Integrated beam design
  • Professional, submittal ready and fully editable reports
Dynamic Rebar Design (DRD)TM

ADAPT-Builder 2.0 sets new standards in concrete slab and foundation design with its Dynamic Rebar Design (DRD)TM capabilities. Basic DRD allows engineers to specify a typical top and/or bottom mesh in any location of the slab. The program then designs the entire slab using automatically generated design sections and calculates the required additional mild reinforcement needed. Designed top and bottom bars are then placed in the slab as either grouped or distributed bars. Bars are shown continuous over supports with development length. Leveraging its component technology and explicit representation of spans, DRD also displays the correct amount of orthogonal minimum rebar, taking into consideration the larger of the two intersecting spans. After adjusting line thickness and font size within the program to the user's standards, the rebar layout generated by DRD can be exported to AutoCAD and used for the preparation of structural drawings.

The advanced DRD module gives the design engineer full dynamic rebar editing capabilities, which were only dreamt of before. In addition to the ability to specify either rebar mesh top and bottom or both, advanced DRD lets the user specify additional rebars such as typical corner bars for beams, rebar above supports, or at any other location throughout the slab. ADAPT-Builder's design module will then calculate the additional reinforcement required by code, taking into consideration all pre-specified rebar.

Once designed and placed in the slab model, users have full dynamic editing capabilities of the rebar. Users can edit the grade, size, length, rotation and location of individual or a group of selected bars. If a user adjusts the location or orientation of a bar or group, the program automatically recalculates the number and spacing of bars to maintain the required area of steel in that location.

Using the advanced DRD feature, engineering firms will be able to generate high-quality rebar structural drawings in a fraction of the time normally required and all based on the same CAD drawings originally imported.

Shop Drawing Module

ADAPT-Builder 2.0's Shop Drawing module also introduces dramatic improvements in the creation of post-tensioning shop drawings. ADAPT-Builder programs were always capable of creating AutoCAD ready structural drawings for post-tensioning, showing tendon location, force, and tendon profile. The new shop drawing module automatically generates shop drawings for the entire slab based on user-specified tendon chair spacing. Chair heights are shown in plan as well as along the tendon profile in elevation. This module also displays calculated theoretical elongations and other critical tendon information. Several hundred thousand square meters of post-tensioned slabs have already been constructed in the Middle East using the beta version of this module.

In addition to DRD and the Shop Drawing module, the 2.0 release includes many new functional enhancements, such as punching shear reinforcement design, an improvement in performance speed by 50%, new ACI 2005 code, and updated documentation.

ADAPT-Builder 2.0 is scheduled for release at the end of October, 2005.

Contact ADAPT today to find out how your firm can take advantage of these ground breaking productivity gains in the design of post-tensioning.

Product Launch and Training Seminars in Dubai

Free Product Launch Seminar - Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Attend this free half-day seminar to experience the latest capabilities of the ADAPT-Builder suite of programs first-hand. This live product demonstration will highlight the quality and productivity gains you can expect in your post-tensioning and reinforced concrete designs using ADAPT-Builder. The seminar will also highlight several prestigious projects designed in the Middle East using ADAPT software.

Software Training Workshop - Wednesday, November 9, 2005
This design and software training workshop will give delegates hands-on experience in the design of post-tensioned structures as well as in-depth knowledge in the use of the ADAPT software products, ADAPT-Floor Pro and ADAPT-PT. Don't be disappointed, sign up early as space is limited and previous workshops have filled up quickly.

For additional information and to register, please e-mail us at:

ADAPT Support Center

Product Showcase
ADAPT-Floor Pro

All of the drawings and details below were created by ADAPT-Floor Pro. Click on any image to view an enlarged PDF showing them all.

Punching Shear
Punching Shear Analysis Results

Tendon Plan
Tendon Plan

Beam Elevation
Beam Elevation Showing Tendon

Rebar Layout
Automatically Created Rebar Drawing

P/T Shop Drawing
Automatically Created P/T Shop Drawing

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