ADAPT-Builder 2017 Release with Shear Wall Design and Tendon Optimization
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We are pleased to announce the release of ADAPT-Builder 2017.

The 2017 release of ADAPT-Builder, your trusted solution for comprehensive concrete building design, is now available and is packed with features to save you time and improve accuracy.

This new version includes the following new features and improvements:

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  • Canadian Code A23.3-14 added
  • Concrete Wall Design capability, with native ADAPT-Wall and optional partner software integration
  • Extensive P/T Modeling improvements including tendon curvature
  • New P/T Design Optimizer

  • Combined Pier (Wall) Reactions
  • Expanded Generic Input and Output text file capabilities
  • Colorization of result display
  • ADAPT-Revit 2018 Link

Wall Design

    Analyzing and Designing Concrete Walls Within Builder

    • Seamless integrated wall design: eliminate manual exporting of wall reactions to other software or spreadsheets for design
    • Investigate user-input reinforcing, or let ADAPT-Wall auto-design reinforcing
    • Review grouped and individual wall results
    • Design wall intersections with the utmost flexibility - no oversimplified section parameters to limit your design
    • Select from multiple usages cases and stored solutions from various stiffness profiles and load contribution: no more managing different models and post-processing data to combine results
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    Modeling Tendons as Spline Curves

    • Easily layout tendons around openings and between irregularly-spaced supports
    • Trust ADAPT's sophisticated solver to analyze floor framing for both horizontal and vertical curvature exactly as it will be constructed
    • Export a more accurate tendon layout to CAD/Revit for document production. Don't waste effort redrawing tendons from a series of straight segments
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Swerved Tendons
Dynamic Tendon Optimizer
    Refining Post-tensioning with ADAPT's
    New Tendon Optimizer

    • Optimize banded and distributed tendons
    • Use head's-up dynamic optimizer to quickly evaluate tendon requirements and optimize for precompression, stress checks, and load balancing per user preferences
    • Allow the optimizer to automatically update tendons with user-input: add whole or partial tendons, insert new tendons, or update only one tendon in a group
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    Tendon Modeling & Editing Improvements

    • Tendon modeling as splines with accurate in-plane curvature versus linear segment representation
    • Improved accuracy in tendon losses and elongation
    • In-plane tendon swerving using swerve points
    • Adding and deleted tendon spans with easy insertion/deletion of control points
    • Tendon anchorage - Fixed or free anchorage options allowing for tendons to lock to slab edges
    • Centralized and easy-to-access tendon display options
    • Tendon display option toggle for strand round-up or decimal input
    • Tendon force display for effective, average, max, or min force
    • Improved layer control for export of tendon information to DWG and DWF formats
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Swerved Tendons in Slab

ADAPT-Builder is specifically designed for the rapid modeling of concrete structures and gives the option of adding prestressing or post-tensioning to any slab or beam member at any level, including foundations. Directly import concrete building models from Revit, CAD, or Etabs, or use your Builder model to generate a new Revit models and .dwg/.dxf plans.

Product availability and licensing: ADAPT-Builder clients with an active maintenance contract as of December 14, 2017 are eligible to receive a free upgrade to this new version, in priority according to Support level (Platinum, Gold, and Maintenance). A separate license is required to carry out detailed column and wall design. The ADAPT-Wall module is included with Edge.

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