Post-Tensioning Course In Warsaw, Poland, March 7 - 7, 2017
ADAPT Corporation London PT Seminar

Post-Tensioning Seminar
Design & Construction

Warsaw, Poland, March 6 - 7, 2017

Optional Hands-on Computer Workshop March 8, 2017

A 2-day programme organized by the
Faculty of Civil Engineering of
Warsaw University of Technology

Course Overview

This course provides the know-how and tools for efficient and economical design of post-tensioned structures. It presents the latest developments in construction technology, code provisions, design procedures, and software tools.

After a brief introduction to current post-tensioning systems and construction practice, the course continues with the economics of both grouted and unbonded post-tensioning systems, and covers the practical design concepts and design procedures for beams, one-way and column supported two-way flat slab construction. Each step is supplemented with well-documented literature, examples, and computer simulations.

The course continues with the state-of-the-art methods for graphical modelling of structures for analysis and design of floor systems, including the efficient use of AutoCad drawings, Revit Structure® and ADAPT's model generation tools in bringing BIM within reach of everyday consulting work. It presents an integrated and seamless process for generating structural calculations, post-tensioning and reinforcement drawings, shop (fabrication) drawings and the estimate of quantities.

The course demonstrates an integrated workflow for detailed design of post-tensioned floor systems, foundations, vertical elements, and the overall global design of a building for gravity and lateral loads. The course also covers short and long-term deflections, cracking, temperature loads, crack mitigation schemes, and vibration evaluation and control.

Special Book Offer:
All delegates registered in the course will receive a signed copy of Dr. Bijan's new book as part of registration fee.

Book on Post-Tensioned Design and Construction by Dr. Bijan Aalami
Dr. Bijan Aalami

Course Director and author of the new book on Post-Tensioned Buildings: Design and Construction.

Dr. Bijan O. Aalami

The software workshop covers the efficient integration of analysis results obtained from third party software, for the overall stability of a structure under wind and earthquake with the gravity design using ADAPT software system.

At this course, participants will:
  • Review current post-tensioning systems and construction practice in building structures
  • Learn the practical step by step procedure of post-tensioning design
  • Design of post-tensioned floors for wind and earthquake forces
  • Evaluation and acceptability of post-tensioned floors for vibrations
  • Design post-tensioned slabs for temperature loads
  • Cracking; immediate and long-term deflections
  • Examine the economic advantages of post-tensioning
  • Become familiar with structural modeling of post-tensioned buildings and design, using ADAPT 2D and 3D FEM software, AutoCAD and Revit Structure
At the hands-on computer workshop, participants will:
  • Obtain a hands-on experience and exposure to efficient design of post-tensioned buildings using ADAPT software
  • Become closely familiar with the latest design software and methods

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Course location:
Faculty of Civil Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology
Al. Armii Ludowej 16, 00-637 Warsaw, Poland

Administrative Organizers:
IKKU Sp. z o.o.
Mrs. Magda Getka or

To register, contact the organizers by e-mail, or call T: +48 22 6309914 M: +48 694 460151.

You can also contact ADAPT Corporation for additional information.

Warsaw University of Technology

Course Organizer:
Faculty of Civil Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology

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Post-Tension Seminar
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