Bridge Design Professional Development

As part of ADAPT's ongoing commitment to the global concrete design community and the advancement of the application of pre-stressing technologies, Dr. Bijan Aalami has made educational and practical seminars one of the principal activities of ADAPT over the last twenty years. Bridge design engineers in Korea, Taiwan, UK, Malaysia, and Brazil are among the many consultants who relied on ADAPT software to successfully complete their bridge design projects. Dr. Aalami's qualifications as a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at San Francisco State University, a registered Structural Engineer in California, and a Chartered Engineer in the United Kingdom, together with his extensive design experience, provides the knowledge base upon which ADAPT seminars are developed.

The primary themes of Bridge Design seminars offered by ADAPT are:
  • Fundamentals of post-tensioning design
  • Construction technology of post-tensioning
  • Design of post-tensioned bridges, such as balanced cantilever, span-by-span, cable stayed, incrementally launched, and girder bridges with or without filed splicing
  • Design of segmentally constructed bridges
  • Application of ADAPT software in design of bridge structures
  • Case studies of design of post-tensioned bridges
ADAPT offers educational and practical seminars for members of the consulting engineering, public works, transportation departments, and university communities in the USA and other countries. ADAPT offers a wide range of course formats, including:
  • Short one-day seminars
  • Two- and three-day seminars
  • On-site training for staff either at the client's location or at ADAPT's headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area
A sampling of past seminars includes:
  • Building and bridge design in Kuala Lumpur
  • Building and bridge design in London
  • Building design in Dubai
  • Building design in Sao Paulo
  • Bridge design in Buenos Aires
  • Building design in Singapore
  • Bridge design in Taipai
  • Federal Highway Administration, USA
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • California Department of Transportation

Ongoing educational and practical seminar series in collaboration with other educational institutes and professional organizations

Like previous years, in 2007 there will be seminars and training courses offered by ADAPT on design and construction of segmentally constructed bridges. One-day practical and educational seminars in 2007/2008 are under preparation and will be posted on this web site as detailed information becomes available.
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In addition to our regularly scheduled program, we offer customized seminars for your organization.

Special Seminars: ADAPT Bridge Design Development Series

Training in the design of post-tensioned bridges, or in the application of the ADAPT software system, is available either at ADAPT's headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area or at the client's office. Training can be tailored to the needs of the client. To inquire about details of this program, contact ADAPT.


Ongoing Seminars
Special Seminars